Cadvenient uses world-renowned technologies to deliver your software to the customer. This proven technology is very complex, but functions that intuitive that we can easily explain its functioning.

In order to use or rent software, a customer downloads a client. This client is a key element for licence management. To understand the functionality, think about a space station and astronauts. The astronauts only live in the space station and need regular supplies from earth to survive. The earth can monitor what happens in the space station and can even order the astronauts to get back to earth.

The same happens with the client. The rented software only survives in the client and needs regular contact with our server to determine if the customer is still allowed to use the software.

This regular check is also used for billing purposes. After installation of the client and selection of the desired software, the client downloads the bare essentials to get the software started. Depending on the users habits and heuristics, the client downloads the elements that are likely or eminent to be used next.

Depending on server side settings the software is removed from the end-users computer entirely or remains idle. Customer settings are stored, so next time a customer rents the package that was rented  before, all preference settings are kept intact.

The advantages of Cadvenient