Increase the number of your customers by using Cadvenient

User base expansion.

The main advantage for a software developing company (vendor) is the fast and secure entry into a new sales channel. There are customers that want to use your software, however they can not economically justify the purchase; businesses with an extra project, contractors, third-parties, starters and businesses planning to expand their services. Making your software available through rental will tap into that market. Also, renting is often a first step towards buying a licence.


No software rewrite.

Starting to rent out your software is easy. No elaborate rewrites or complex reengineering; we turn your existing software into an application that can be accessed through the web. That is all there is to it.


Reseller compatible.

In some countries you work with resellers. They provide local presence and often provide support and assistance. In cooperation with your resellers we extend your service. We offer regional feedback and statistics.


Cadvenient assists you in generating additional revenue from renting

Hassle free revenue.

End users should pay the vendor when using their software. Cadvenient provides the service to end-users and takes care of the logistics of delivering the software and collecting the payments. Vendors are provided with a usage report, showing the time that any of the software packages were deployed and the revenue.


With the Cadvenient services you can decrease costs and increase your productivity

Saving time and money.

Setting up and maintaining a rental system, including all national specialities, is a professional’s job. Creating and maintaining a system that works intuitive and smooth even more. Setting up the core prerequisites, creating what does not exist, to maintain and improve what does exist is our core business. To name a few aspects, think about the hardware and software environment and the continuous development, licence management, (inter)national billing and payment methods, channel related issues like speed, security and customer support, (inter)national legislation and dedicated management time. Cadvenient offers all this for a fraction of the costs, if you were to develop it yourself. We can set up your software within a few weeks.


Dongel compatible

Dongle compatible.

If your software relies on the use of a dongle, there are no issues. We can keep the dongle dependancy intact, combine it with our service or replace it.


Software runs on your own computer.

Local performance.

The application still behaves as if it were locally installed, and there’s no compromise on performance, so users can make full use of 3D graphics, HD content, high-CPU performance and any other local resources. Your internet connection speed does not influence your ease-of-use.


Unrivalled reporting.

Data is available for each user, showing the users activity per second. This yields a lot of data suitable for analysis. Using this data we can make comprehensive reports that allow you to maintain oversight and manage your usage. With advanced application metering facilities as standard, coupled with Cadvenient’s reporting engine, IT managers are able to accurately analyse and monitor their licence usage.


Licences can be centrally controlledLicences are centrally controlled.

Applications are delivered to end-user machines across the world, meaning you can access our applications anywhere, whether at home or on the move. Applications are centrally controlled and licences can be granted or revoked at any time.