The advantages of rental

Rental is meant for a product that you need for a short period of time when buying is not an economically justifiable decision. That is the case in several situations:

  1. Companies (like start-ups) that do not have the cash to invest in a full licence, but plan to do so in the near future.
  2. (Sub)contractors, advisors and other third parties get many different file types they need access to.
  3. Freelancers need a different package per job.
  4. Companies keep files in version formats of outdated software. Especially in the case of an official upgrade, these files are officially inaccessible.
  5. In various occasions companies might need extra (temporary) licences to get a project done.
  6. Many companies would like to temporarily use certain software for business development purposes / to test new software / explore additions to their services.
  7. Due to the economic recession, companies can no longer afford all the licences they currently maintain and consider to stop the maintenance (and use) of certain software.
  8. Professionals would like to legally use professional software at home so they could finish a project, or for DIY purposes.


All of these situations occur on a daily basis. For some of these uses a whole range of semi-legal and illegal possibilities are available. If however, some type of software is needed that the user or company is not allowed to use at that time (e.g. other brands or higher-end) it is nearly impossible to do so legally.

Our market research showed a 100% response to the question “Would you be interested in renting the software you currently use?” For many companies, the current way software licences are priced limits them in their business. At the same time, if they were to rent software, they need their intellectual property to remain safe and secure always.

Cadvenient can help you into renting out your software within a few months only. We provide an international system for renting out and collecting revenue that is intuitive, reliable, secure and backed up with local knowledge.