Renting software has numerous advantages. The main advantage of renting in general is the more economically justifiable options it creates. But then, why use our services? What makes our services stand out? A question that demands solid answers:

All the time, everywhere.

We allow users to use our service wherever they are and when they need them. All over the globe, 24 x 7. Meaning you can simultaneously use multiple licences and access software of your choice from multiple stations (collaborating with colleagues). It allows you to maximize your resources and save vast amounts of money.

Rent an add-on or just the base product.Add-ons.

With the our method of working, you can rent the part of software you need. If you own the core package and want to rent the add-on, you just rent the add-on. Or you just rent the core package since you own the add-on. Any product in the chain of software packages that you want to use can be owned or rented even if it is a long chain.

Software runs on your own computer.Local performance.

The application still behaves as if it were locally installed and there’s no compromise on performance, so users can make full use of 3D graphics, HD content, high-CPU performance and any other local resources. Your internet connection speed does not influence your ease-of-use.

Offline enabled

Applications continue to function if the internet connection is dropped for a particular reason, without the loss of license control. The speed of your broadband connection nor the continuity of the connection has a severe impact on the functionality.

Cadvenient sends you 1 comprehensive billOne comprehensive bill.

You get 1 bill per month. On each and every bill, you will find what software package you used, for how long and when. Besides that, we are working on integrating as many local payment methods as possible. After all, the easier it is for you to pay, the more comfortable the service is.