The founders of Cadvenient, Gerard Nijenhuis and Arie van der Vlies, believe that, if working is made enjoyable, people work harder and accomplish better results. That is the way Cadvenient does business and something customers can keep Cadvenient accountable for.

As users of Cad software, Gerard and Arie could not afford a full licence of the products they wanted to use and looked for a rental solution. It did not exist for various reasons. Speed and the security of intellectual property were the main obstacles. They did find a solution for these problems, hence, the introduction of a fast, safe and reliable means of renting design software.

Since we like to get in touch, these are the full credentials:

Arie J. van der Vlies MSc.
+31 6 44 34 65 40

Gerard Nijenhuis MSc.
+31 6 42 15 20 13